I'm Ismail Amir. 

Welcome to my website.

About Me

I am a University of Toronto - Mississauga student, double majoring in Biology for Health Sciences and Psychology, expecting to graduate in 2024.

My areas of interest in Biology are biotechnology and human physiology

My areas of interest in Psychology are developmental psychology and psychopathology.

When I'm not studying, I like to watch documentaries, read about current affairs, explore the outdoors, go on road trips, and of course, play video games.  

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Email: i_amir@outlook.com

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Sept 2019-Present: Honours Bachelor of Science: University of Toronto - Mississauga Campus

Sept 2015-Jun 2019: OSSD: Newmarket High School, Newmarket ON


Sept 2023-Present : Work-Study Student - UTM CLASS Lab

After completing my Research Opportunity Program position throughout Summer 2023, I am now a Work-Study Student in Dr. Elizabeth Johnson's Child Language and Speech Studies (CLASS) Lab at the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM). 

The CLASS Lab is an interdisciplinary research lab, exploring the field of psycholinguistics. By combining insights and methodologies from various related fields such as developmental psychology, linguistics, and speech studies, the CLASS Lab aims to better understand child language acquisition and development.

In this position, my current primary responsibility is as an experimenter for in-person adult studies.

Sept 2023-Present: Computer Lab Assistant: PSY100

For the 2023-2024 academic year, I am continuing as a Computer Lab Assistant for the first year introductory psychology course (PSY100) at the University of Toronto Mississauga. I first started this position in the 2022-2023 academic year.

PSY100 students at UTM use computer software and simulated labs to gain a deeper understanding of how to conduct research. 

My responsibilities included not only aiding students experiencing technical difficulties, but also identifying and bridging gaps in their knowledge of research methods. As a result, I have gained tremendous respect for the research upon which the course material I learn depends.

Apr 2023-Present: Volunteer Clinic Assistant - Toronto General Hospital

I am currently volunteering as a Clinic Assistant at the Vascular Surgery Department at Toronto General. My major responsibilities at the clinic include digitizing and organizing patient records.

During my time at the clinic, I have witnessed how clinic staff such as receptionists coordinate with surgeons, family physicians, and other clinics to integrate patient data and ensure patients receive the care they need. Volunteering at the clinic has given me a greater appreciation for the amount of cooperation and communication required to provide a seamless patient experience. 

May 2023-Aug 2023: Lab Member, Summer Research Opportunity Program (ROP) - UTM CLASS Lab

I was accepted to this experience through the UTM Research Opportunity Program (ROP), allowing undergraduate students to participate in research while gaining skills, hands-on experience, and earning course credit.

During my time as an ROP student, I was an experimenter for in-person adult studies, and for child studies at the Ontario Science Centre through their Research Live! program. I also presented a research poster at the UTM Summer Undergraduate Research Fair, an event for undergrads to showcase the research they were working on over the summer.

Oct 2022-Apr 2023: Computer Lab Assistant: PSY100

2017-2019: Member - Model United Nations: Newmarket High School

I was an active club member, and often guided discussions and selected topics for upcoming meetings. Later, as an executive member, I would create briefings for the attendees summarizing complex global events. I also attended the provincial Ontario Model United Nations and worked together with peers I had just met to complete tasks. 

My time with the Model United Nations taught me about the value of collaboration and the skills needed to collaborate with those you know well, and those you don't.  

2015-2019: Teacher Assistant: Newmarket Islamic Centre

I assisted the volunteer teachers of the centre's weekend school, an initiative to help the community's children find and develop their unique sense of identity in our multicultural society. I volunteered at the NIC for four years, working mostly with children ages 4 to 11.

I would work with the children to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Based on this, I then provided input to the teachers on how to adapt their lesson plans to better serve the students. To keep students engaged, events were held, which I helped to organize. Over time, I became very involved in the community. What started as a 40-hour commitment for a high school graduation requirement resulted in me volunteering throughout all four years of high school, and I wouldn't change a thing. 

The NIC was an invaluable learning experience for me. I learned how to talk to and deal with children and their parents, as well as the dynamics of teamwork with both peers and superiors. Lastly, I learned how rewarding it can be to spend my time for the sake of others. 


Aug 2023 - Poster Presentation at UTM Summer Undergraduate Research Fair (SURF)

Amir, I., Yu, M., Johnson, E.K. (2023, August 16). Exploring the Mechanisms of The Other Accent Effect. [Poster presentation]. 2023 Summer Undergraduate Research Fair, University of Toronto Mississauga, Mississauga, ON, Canada 

Winter 2022-Present: Dean's List Scholar

Sept 2019: UofT Mississauga Entrance Scholarship

Sept 2015-Sept 2018: Principal's Honour Roll

Courses Taken

300-Level Courses

BIO304: Physiology of Neurons and Muscle

BIO310: Physiology of Regulatory Systems

BIO372: Molecular Biology

BIO374: Modern Biotechnology

BIO380: Human Development

JLP383: Adult Language Processing 

PSY311: Social Development

PSY315: Language Development

PSY320: Social Psychology: Attitudes 

PSY324: The Science of Wellbeing

PSY325: Psychology of the Self

PSY333: Health Psychology

PSY341: Abnormal Psychology: Disorders of Children and Adolescents 

PSY345: Exceptionality: Disability and Giftedness

PSY354: The Biopsychology of Sex

PSY399: Research Opportunity Program - Developmental Sociolinguistics 

200-Level Courses

BCH210: Biochemistry I

BIO202: Introductory Animal Physiology

BIO206: Introductory Cell and Molecular Biology

BIO207: Introductory Genetics

BIO208: Fundamentals of Human Anatomy and Physiology I

BIO209: Fundamentals of Human Anatomy and Physiology II

CHM242: Introductory Organic Chemistry I

CHM243: Introductory Organic Chemistry II

CLA201: Latin and Greek in Scientific Terminology

JLP285: Language, Mind, and Brain

PSY201: Research Design and Analysis in Psychology I

PSY210: Introduction to Developmental Psychology

PSY220: Introduction to Social Psychology

PSY240: Introduction to Abnormal Psychology

PSY270: Cognition: The Machinery of the Mind

PSY290: Introduction to Neuroscience

100-Level Courses

BIO152: Introduction to Evolution and Evolutionary Genetics

BIO153: Diversity of Organisms

CHM110: Chemical Principles 1

CHM120: Chemical Principles 2

MAT132: Differential Calculus for Life Sciences

MAT134: Integral Calculus for Life Sciences

PHL100: Introduction to Philosophy (Historical)

PHY136: Introductory Physics 1

PHY137: Introductory Physics 2

POL112: Democracy in Theory and Practice

PSY100: Introductory Psychology

SOC100: Introduction to Sociology